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Choose the single best answer
1. Histamine does NOT:
A. Contract bronchial smooth muscle
B. Stimulate sensory nerve endings in the skin
C. Relax gastrointestinal smooth muscle
D. Open gaps in post capillary venules
E. Stimulate gastric acid secretion
2. Which of the following statements about salbutamol is INCORRECT:
A. It is a functionally selective b2 agonist
B. It dilates the bronchi
C. It relaxes the pregnant uterus
D. It selectively stimulates cardiac b1 receptors
E. It can cause muscle tremor
3. Which of the following drug types is used to treat a Parkinsonian syndrome caused by the
antipsychotic drug chlorpromazine:
A. Nicotinic receptor antagonists (e.g. hexamethonium)
B. Muscarinic receptor antagonists (e.g. benztropine)
C. a adrenoceptor antagonists (e.g. phentolamine)
D. Anticholinesterases (e.g. physostigmine)
E. A precursor of dopamine (e.g. levodopa)
4. Leu-enkephalin is:
A. A structural analogue of morphine
B. A peptide transmitter that causes hyperalgesia
C. Processed from the precursor proopiomelanocortin
D. Thought to be the endogenous transmitter substance for opioid receptors
E. An endogenous antiepileptic substance released from the temporal lobe of the brain
5. Isoniazid is eliminated rapidly in some people but slower in others because:
A. Of hereditary variation in the rate of isoniazid excretion by the kidneys
B. Of a variable capacity of the hepatic enzyme acetyltransferase to ----bolise isoniazid
C. Pseudocholinesterase enzymes exhibit a form of polymorphism
D. The enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase exists in at least two polymorphic forms
E. Isoniazid polymerase is absent in some individuals
6. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT:
A. Some histamine H1 receptor antagonists are used in the prophylaxis and treatment of motion
B. Histamine H2 receptor antagonists are potentially useful in the treatment of gastric
hypersecretory states
C. Promethazine possesses anti-emetic, sedative and anti-muscarinic activity
D. Histamine H1 receptor antagonists inhibit the release of histamine
E. Histamine H1 receptor antagonists are effective in the treatment of hay fever
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7. The antihypertensive action of prazosin is due to:
A. Blockade of calcium channels.
B. Inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme.
C. Antagonism of alpha1-adrenoceptors
D. Inhibition of transmitter release from noradrenergic nerve terminals.
E. Selective depression of cardiac output.
8. Which of the following statements about glyceryl trinitrate is INCORRECT:
A. It dilates veins at lower concentrations than it dilates arteries
B. It is ineffective when swallowed
C. Its efficacy in patients with classical angina is due to dilation of coronary arteries
D. It may result in tolerance with repeated use
E. It may produce headache
9. Prostacyclin does NOT:
A. Inhibit platelet aggregation
B. Stimulate cAMP production in platelets
C. Inhibit gastric acid secretion
D. Inhibit renin release
E. Cause vasodilation
10. Nitrous oxide is used in anaesthesia because it:
A. Rapidly induces stage III anaesthesia
B. Is extremely soluble in blood
C. Is a potent analgesic
D. Relaxes skeletal muscle
E. Stimulates respiratory rate